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Vapir ONE A Complete Makeover and Improvement on the ONE

Vapir Vaporizer is known as the premier handheld and all pervading aromatherapy vaporizer. It is the most affordable air vaporizer which is controlled digitally. To heat the herbs, a convection method of heating is used by this air vaporizer. When the herbs are heated they release the active ingredients.

To enjoy exact temperature control, a ceramic housed quartz crystal heating element is featured in this vaporizer. It displays the temperature in both form Celsius or Fahrenheit. This is the only utterly portable, truly self-contained vaporizer available on the marketplace. The Vapir is available in so many colors. So here buyers have a plenty of option to choose from them.

With earlier version users were not satisfied completely. So to give 100 percent satisfaction to the user Vapir launched a new all singing, all dancing Vapir One 5.0 vaporizer.

As expected, this vaporizer has been very successful in the market. In a sense, it has set a standard in the vaporizer word. There are so many special things about the VAPIR ONE 5.0 which make it so popular and close to one's heart. With this vaporizer, Vapir has improved a lot. In this vaporizer a fully reworked and redesigned fan assembly has been used.

It has more capability to blow, almost 65% more than the earlier version. Because of this new makeover, it is supposed to last longer. It has also three speed fan that allows one to control precise air flow. With Vapir One 4.0, a leakage problem was there.

Vapor used to start leaking. But this problem was fixed with Vapir One 5.0 by using a better material for seal. Now it is completely problem free, no leakage at all. This vaporizer also uses a turbocharged heating element to give out super fast temperature change. A bigger bag is available with this vaporizer.

So, now it can hold 35% more vapor in the bag and one can keep it in the bag all day long. Apart from this, this vaporizer comes with a lot of things. They include; one Jaguar Herbal Blend Disk, Power Cord 110V, Plastic Tweezers, two empty herbs disks mouthpiece, 2 15" Vapir Tubes and many more like them. Taking everything into consideration this can be proudly pronounced that this vaporizer is really a complete makeover and improvement on the Air One 4.0 vaporizer.

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