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Understanding Your Acne

Many people between the ages of twelve and twenty four suffer from acne. Even after that age it never really stops. It just reduces to far fewer pimples. It's uncomfortable and embarrassing. Boys tend to suffer from it more than girls at the beginning of puberty, likely because of the increased level of the hormone testosterone in the body.

Acne is generally caused by bacteria filling up clogged pores, resulting in zits or pimples breaking out. The zits usually spread over the face, back, shoulders, chest and neck. Some doctors think it may be hereditary.

There is a great deal of advice when it comes to acne cures, unfortunately mostly contridictory. Many people with severe acne seek advice from doctors and specialist dermatologists. Some sufferers use over the counter treatments, some have prescription treatments and others prefer to use natural methods. There is a great deal of anecdotal promotion of the benefits of one treatment or another and it all gets quite confusing. You just have to see which acne cures work for you and it may be a case of trying this and that until you find what works for you.Some experts say there is no such thing as a cure and that you should disregard such claims.

Despite the claims and counter claims of differing treatment, prevention is certainly better than cures. It's worth a try anyway. Attention to diet is important and avoiding fried foods, and refined and processed foods in general is a good start. Also, try to cut down on caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks and tobacco. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, and drink plenty water.

Eating irregularly can cause constipation and this can promote acne because the toxic material has to break out somewhere. It may not be possible to prevent the acne but you may be able to lessen its effects. If all measures fail, it's time to decide on which of the acne cures to try. There are numerous gels, lotions, creams and solutions on the market.

Benzoyl Peroxide is a common ingredient in over the counter medications and some people have found that it works very well, especially when combined with regular cleansing and moisturizing. Other acne cures are antibiotics, salicylic acid and sulfur. Others prefer vitamins or natural herbal remedies. These are all easily available as acne treatment. Vitamin A and Niacin is recommended, and also Zinc tablets.

There are a number of home remedies that you could try. Some sufferers apply orange peel crushed with water or lemon juice. Another acne cure is coriander or mint juice mixed with a little bit of turmeric powder.

Others apply grated cucumber leaves or crushed garlic cloves. You could also try an overnight face mask made from mashed up fenugreek leaves, to be washed off when you wake next day. Tea Tree Oil is said to be another acne cure.

Cheer up. There is a lot you can do do and try to lessen the severity of acne.

John suffered from acne through his teenage years. More information at Acne Advice

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