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The Cabbage Soup Weight Loss Diet And How It Works

Losing weight and keeping it off is often a difficult process; consequently, most dieters are always on the lookout for fast ways to lose weight. The Cabbage Soup diet program is known to many people as a popular fad diet that offers a quick way to shed excess pounds, but does it really work? The diet is described here, along with the keys to success for permanent weight loss. The Cabbage Soup diet calls for, as the name implies, eating cabbage soup for an entire week.

During this seven day period, dieters only eat cabbage soup and a few other foods to lose weight. The program is not a life plan like some popular diet plans, and requires no long-term lifestyle changes beyond the seven days of the diet. There are many different versions of the recipe for cabbage soup. Most contain spices, cabbage and other vegetables, such as mushrooms, celery, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Some people enjoy adding spicy seasonings to enhance the soup. Other dieters concerned with sodium intake try to use a low-sodium version of the recipe.

Many current versions of the diet incorporate healthy sources of protein to make the diet plan more satisfying. Besides the soup, there are highly specific guidelines for what other foods are permitted on each day of the plan. As a general guide, dieters can eat cabbage soup every day, along with fruit on day one, vegetables on the second day, vegetables and fruit on the third day, skim milk and bananas on the fourth day, beef and tomatoes on day five, beef and vegetables on day six, and fruit juice, brown rice, and vegetables on day seven. Dieters then resume regular dietary habits, hopefully now weighing a few pounds less. Does the Cabbage Soup diet really work? Although no official scientific research has studied the diet conclusively, people who have used the weight loss plan report mixed results. For many dieters, the plan resulted in weight loss (up to ten pounds), but only temporarily, as the pounds gradually came back as the individual returned to normal dietary habits.

Some dieters claimed to experience light-headedness, lack of focus, and weakness while on the diet. Other dieters experienced no effects whatsoever, experiencing no illness, but no weight loss either. The Cabbage Soup diet program is only one of several so-called fad diets that dieters can use.

However, because this diet may not produce results, for many overweight people it just adds to the difficulty of being overweight. A better approach to losing weight does not use gimmicks or quick-fix diet programs. It takes hard work and lifestyle changes to maintain healthy weight loss.

This means eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to maintain the healthy habits necessary for weight loss. Several frequent dieters struggle to lose weight because of their strong cravings, uncontrollable appetites or dietary habits, or a mere lack of motivation. Hypnotherapy is great for overcoming these problems and providing the motivation required for losing weight. Among the reasons weight loss hypnosis is excellent as a tool for weight loss is because weight loss hypnosis can be used for appetite suppression. A great number of us suffer from out-of-control appetites because they experience emotional eating which makes them have an unconscious urge to overeat even when they aren't truly hungry.

Hypnotherapy helps re-program the unconscious mind to extinguish the urge to eat, resulting in natural appetite suppression without the use of drugs. Another way hypnosis can work to help you lose weight is by reducing the anxious thoughts that make you want to overeat and sap your motivation to stay on an exercise plan. When you begin to think negative thoughts, hypnosis taps into your unconscious to automatically think positive, which allows you to become relaxed. Your motivation for exercise can be greatly enhanced through hypnosis therapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). First, you pinpoint what the most important aspects of your life are. Then you use techniques in NLP to guide you into feeling that the things that mean the most to you will become enhanced if you exercise, or placed in jeopardy if you fail to do so.

This way, it becomes easy to stay motivated to get physically fit and stay in shape. Everyone has the ability to learn hypnosis and NLP techniques from a good hypnotherapy weight loss CD program. The techniques in hypnosis diet CDs rely on the power of the unconscious to help dieters stop their cravings. By ending cravings and urges, the appetite is suppressed or eliminated entirely. Hypnosis also assist you in getting motivated to get physically active and shed pounds.

By reprogramming your unconscious mind, hypnosis therapy makes weight loss easy. It is a great tool to make you feel motivated and naturally geared towards healthy habits. So before trying another fad diet, think about a healthier approach to weight loss through physical fitness, eating right, staying positive, and using self-taught hypnosis to reach your goals.

Alan B. Densky, CH is certified by the NGH. Visit his self improvement website for Free hypnotherapy newsletters, videos, and downloads. He offers several weight loss methods, including hypnotism for weight loss DVDs and weight loss self improvement CDs.

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