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Sued after complaints Generic Viagra com

Generic Viagra is banned in the USA according to the medical regulatory authorities and the FDA (Food and Drug Act). Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagra holds the patent for this drug and has increasingly objected about the sale of illegal, fake or counterfeit Generic Viagra in online pharmacies. Pfizer decided to take action against these online pharmacies after receiving repeated complaints from consumers that they fell ill or that the drug did not work.

Some of these websites include Generic Viagra com and other. Pfizer claims that illegal websites selling Generic Viagra cleverly fake their authenticity and fool prospective customers. Anyway, since the FDA has not approved of any legal Viagra substitute, sildenafil citrate drugs available freely on online pharmacies are illegal and unsafe. Generic Viagra com and other such websites have been issued notices asking them to shut down operations and to close down their websites. Today, though there are still numerous websites selling and promoting Generic Viagra online illegally, the number of these has reduced and the amount of spam mail sent by them has decreased dramatically.

Generic Viagra com and other are some of the websites that have ceased operations after this incident.

Today, though there are still numerous websites selling and promoting Generic Viagra online illegally
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