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Marathon Training How to Find the Time to Train

Are you training for a marathon or half marathon but can't find the time to train in the week? Is your busy work schedule getting in the way of your evening or morning training runs? Do you find it difficult to fit all your obligations of family, work, personal chores , and training in a 24 hour day? Well if you feel this way, you're not alone. Studies show that most people only have 1-2 discretionary hours a day. And many people I know with busy families don't even have that. So where do you find the time to fit in marathon training? After coaching over thousand marathoners and half marathoners over the last four years, I've observed the things that busy moms, dads, executives, and students do to find time to train. Here's some Yinfitness approaches I've found that helps runners do their training runs.

1. Schedule your training runs. Put them on a weekly or daily calendar.

Visualize yourself preparing yourself for the run by being more efficient and productive when you're at work or with your family. Tell your boss and family members that this time is very important for you and you can not sacrifice this time. Just this simple little conversation can do wonders for creating more space in your week.

2. Consider running early morning. Most of the world's top runners train in the early morning. Dean Karnazas, ultra marathoner extraordinaire, and father of three gets up at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning to run 15-20 miles before the family even wakes up. It takes discipline and going to bed early, but once these habits are ingrained it gets much much easier. Plus your energy levels in the morning are far higher which means better workouts.

3. Consider running after dinner. This is not the best time to train but for busy moms and dads , it might be your only time available.

Eat a light dinner, mainly salad, then put on some high reflective material, and go out for a run around your neighborhood. Some of my most memorable runs ever have been past 9 p.m, flying by houses with TV on after TV on. Running is much better way to spend your discretionary time than getting fat and lazy in front of the TV. 4. Rethink your priorities.

We all have the same 24 hours a day. No more, no less. If you are doing your training runs because you "don't have the time", you're kidding yourself. In reality, you are just prioritizing other activities such as work, family, or responsibilities. And that's okay. Those things are important.

But maybe you can move your training runs up the priority list. Sacrifice the last hour at work or driving your kids around town for an evening. Move things around.

With the right priorities and commitment.you'll find a way to get your training runs in. Think creative, try different things, lose a few hours of sleep. When you cross the finish line of your marathon or half marathon, and get that medal, all those sacrifices will be well worth it. Copyright (c) 2008 Gary Smith.

Gary Smith is a health and fitness author, speaker, coach, and advocate. He teaches people how to get fit through ChiRunning, ChiWalking, yoga, meditation, and inner game strateg/ies. Receive a free minute running/walking assessment through his website at http://www.MarathonTraining.TV or via email gary@socalrunning.com.

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