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How To Lose Belly Fat Faster Than Fit People

Trying to lose belly fat for years and still get no results? If you are tired of having this belly fat clinging on tightly on you, then you should finish reading this article and take action today. I would assume that you are determined to find put the solution to your problem that is why you end up reading my article. But if I can get your guarantee that you will take action, I will no problem guaranteeing you that you will succeed in losing that belly fat. The Lose Belly Fat Story Before I get into the details, I need to explain to you the importance of consistency. I am a personal trainer and I was quite amused when I did a re-measure on my client's results.

The results appeared to me that regardless what state of fitness you are in, if you are consistent, you would end up the winner. Sounds the turtle and the hare story isn't? The names I mentioned here are all created but the results, training and are true. The first client is a really fit guy. His name is Mr.

Active He runs marathon in the past. He can complete a 5-kilometer run in 21 minutes. There might be many champs out there that is fit but to me this is very good speed. The he wants to lose about 5 percent body fat. His strength is really lousy. He can only managed to do 10 push up.

His shoulder is also recovering from injury and his hip is really tight. He can't sit cross-legged. His also want to increase his strength and flexibility. He comes really regularly.

He exercises 3 times a week with me, do his cardiovascular training twice a week and plays squash on the weekends. I tell you, he is very active. He is also a very active drinker unfortunately. I will reveal how he fared in the re-measure at the end of the article. He sure looks like the winner here. The second guy is an average guy.

He is quite fit but not as fit as the Mr. Speed. His name is Mr. Joe. He wants to lose the belly fat and gain some strength. But he is a busy man.

He can only commit 2 times of training with me but he promises to do cardiovascular training on his own. He really wants to put on muscle, so I said ok, fair enough, I gave him benefit of doubt that he will do his own cardio. So he did twice week training with me.

He trains really hard and he gaining strength real quick. But when I ask him about his cardiovascular training, he always comes out with excuses. Oh yah, he always drinks too.

For his re-measure, I will reveal it at the end. The third guy is a humble guy who is just started training. His name is Mr. Yessir. He is not fit but is determined to lose weight.

He has poor stamina and his strength really bad. But is normal for a beginner anyways. He trains 3 times a week with me.

I use circuit training style to torture. I also advise him to cut out carbs at night. He also does not drink alcohol. At the end of 8 weeks of training, I re-measure all three of them. Mr.

Active, his strength exploded. He can do 30 push-ups now. His bench press increased by 3 times and his shoulder is stronger. He gained at least 3 kilogram of muscle. But he is a bit disappointed with his body fat.

It did not budge. He trained so hard but yet it body fat did not move. It is his inconsistency of his diet. He drinks to much alcohol and ate too much junk. Yes, your muscle and strength will response with consistent training but body fat would not if you are not consistent with your diet. For Mr.

Joe, his results were quite similar. He did not lose any body fat and gained only over half a kilo of muscle. Again, his bad habit of over consuming alcohol and his time commitment to exercise is very little.

Mr., Joe needs to train a minimum of 3 times a week to see more muscle gains, train at least 3 times of cardio and cut out that alcohol. Cardio can be done after the weight training session or on non-weight training days. Mr.Yessir is the champ here. He lost about 4 kilograms of body fat, lost about 4 percent of body fat and gained about 2 kilograms of muscle.

He has reached his goal that is set during the first meeting with me. What is his secret? He took action and is consistent with his training and diet. He is very discipline is his training and did not miss any weight training and cardio session. Not only that, he did not eat carbohydrates at night.

Another big factor here is that he limits his alcohol to only on Saturday nights. His training is not as intense as the training that Mr., Active and Mr. Joe has.

It far less intense but the thing is that he is consistent on his training; his diet and limit his alcohol. The 1 Most Important Step To Lose Belly Fat This is the one step that you must utilize and take it into heart if you ever want to lose your belly fat. You need to be regular and focused on your weight loss program and lose that alcohol for at least 8 weeks to see visible results. If you plan to begin a weight loss program, might as well start it seriously and be determined to reach your end goal!.

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