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Healing Acne Scars Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Your Acne Scars

It seems like getting rid of your acne should be the end of the story. But, for many who have suffered from this condition, healing acne scars left behind is now their main concern. There are many types of acne scars.

Some will diminish in size, or completely go away, in time. But others are more permanent, and dealing with them will take more drastic measures. Fortunately, there are many treatments available that can treat acne scars. Here are some of the most common treatments. Soft Tissue Fillers With this treatment, collagen, or excess fat from another part of your body, is injected under the skin to fill in the scar. As a result, acne scarring will be less noticeable.

The downside as that the treatments are temporary, so you'd have to get more injections periodically. The results of collagen injections, for example, last about 6 to 12 weeks. Collagen injections will usually cost around $300 to $400 per treatment. Fat injections are a little more expensive, costing about $1,000 per treatment. Microdermabrasion During a microdermabrasion treatment, the surface skin cells are removed from your face, or whatever area is being treated.

As a result, acne scarring is less noticeable. The microdermabrasion procedure takes about 30 minutes to an hour. And there is no real recovery time, so you won't be wearing bandages out of the dermatologist's office.

However, you'll probably need several treatments to see real results. A microdermabrasion treatment averages about $200 to $300. Dermabrasion During the dermabrasion procedure, a rotating wire brush is used to remove the top layer of your skin. It also removes surface acne scars, and makes deeper acne scars less visible and noticeable. Because it's among the more drastic procedures, dermabrasion is usually only performed on those with pretty severe acne scarring. Dermabrasion can cost between $1,000 and $1,500.

And some patients will require several treatments before they achieve the results they want. Laser Resurfacing With this method, a laser is used to destroy the outer layer of the skin, and heat the layer of skin beneath that. As the damage heals, new, healthy skin forms, and acne scarring becomes less noticeable. The average cost of laser resurfacing is around $2,000 to $2,500. Chemical Peels Those with mild acne scarring will probably see good results from chemical peels, which can make scars less prominent.

Chemical peels, which contain acid, are painted onto your face and left on for a period of time. When the peel is removed, the dead upper layers of skin are lifted away. Each chemical peel treatment will cost between $100 and $300. And you might need 3 to 6 treatments to get the desired results. When it comes to healing acne scars, you have many treatment options.

What you choose will depend on the severity of scarring, how much recovery time you are willing to deal with, and how much you are ready to pay.

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