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Fitness Inside the Body of a NonExerciser

If you don't exercise, this is what happens to your insides. Since your body is in a state of rest, the energy produced by breathing is primarily directed to your internal organs-one of which is the digestive system. In this state, 80 percent of the oxygen-rich blood is flowing to these organs. That leaves only 20 per cent for your skeletal muscles-which are undemanding because they are not being exercised.

Your digestive system signals its hunger pangs to your appestat - the brain centre that controls the appetite. This is the time you feel hungry. And as long as you do not exercise, you continue to feel hungry at regular intervals. When you exercise. Now, see what happens when you exercise. There is a shift.

The energy produced now shifts away from your internal organs - including the digestive system. If you are working out at your optimum aerobic level, 80 per cent of your blood supply flows to the skeletal muscles. They need that oxygen-rich blood to saturate themselves to go about their business of burning fat for more energy. As the blood flow shifts to these muscle groups to provide them with the required energy, it is the digestive system that is passive. Since it is in an inactive state, it does not demand energy.

It does not signal to your appestat. Receiving no signals, your appestat remains silent. So, you do not feel hungry. There is one more advantage. After you have stopped exercising for the day, the muscles do not stop their activity. Nature has designed them for action and they continue at their pace for another hour or more.

Which means for this period after exercising, the blood supply is still being directed towards them for energy and not to the digestive system. As a result, for the next hour or more, your digestive system is in no state to take on food. People who are into fitness, experience this wonderful phenomenon. Since aerobic workouts use up the water in your body, this is the ideal time to feed it lightly, with liquids.

By the time the digestive system gets back its blood supply, it is 'full' on the liquid meal and does not call up the appestat. The result is that you still do not feel hungry. We hope this explanation lays to rest the myth that exercising increases the appetite. On the contrary, as you have seen, It reduces your appetite.

This also explains why obese people feel hungry all the time.

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