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Easy Tips For Panic Attacks

Panic and anxiety are no longer strange termss to us. Of the two, panic attack strikes more intensely although it does not last long. When an attack takes place, you have a strong feeling of severe fear, insecurity and worries.

This can also be accompanied by a number of physical discomforts such as chest pain, short breath, dizziness, chills or hot flashes. If you are sufferring these conditions, you may like to check out the following tips for panic attacks. Tip 1 Sometimes anti-depressants are prescribed to treat anxiety and they work more effectively for generalised anxiety disorder. This treatment can be used to patients whether or not they also have clinical depression the same time. Tip 2 One of the most widely-used and effective way to treat anxiety is called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), whereby the patients are taught to develop positive thinking.

If you find yourself hard to develop positive thinking, go and find a cognitive behavioral therapist. Tip 3 Do you know that our bodies' stress system is influenced by how we breath? Slow and calm breath can reduce the level of panic attacks, as breathing slowly gives your instincts a sign that the fear is over. Tip 4 Valerian root is reported to contain sedative properties and can relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Consult your doctor for a good dosage. Tip 5 Learn some self help techniques, as negative self talk is always an issue associated with panic attacks.

Tip 6 Proper exercise can relieve stress, but do not over do as too much exercise can also trigger a panic attack. Exercises such as yoga and meditation are the best known ones. Tip 7 Always look for an alternative way to stay fitter if you are not yet up to exercise. For example, walk instead of jogging, do exercise at home instead of going to a jym. Tip 8 Change for a healthier diet if you do not already have one.

For example, reduce your intake of caffeine and sugar. Tip 9 Read some jokes and get yourself laugh every day. Laughing is an important ingredient for being positive. Tip 10 Make sure you have enough quality sleep.

It is well-known that the condition of anxiety and panic can get even worse with sleep deprivation or disturbed sleep. Tip 11 Find something meaningful in your life, such as a meaningful job or a meaning full hobby, and try to focus on these things. This can help you deal with the onset of any anxiety much better.

Tip 12 Stay away from recreational drugs (most of them are illegal drugs), as they can dramatically increase the likelihood of getting and anxiety or panic disorder. Tip 13 Learn something about what you are suffering. The more you know about what is happening, the easier you can cope. Tip 14 Panic attacks are in fact an exaggeration of the your body's natural reaction to extreme stress or anxiety. Try to consistently remind yourself that what you are experiencing is a natural reaction, and that it will go away.

Anxiety and panics are affecting almost 20 million Americans every year, and many of the people you meet each day suffer from panic attacks in the privacy of their own homes. So, don't be shy if you need to seek the help of a doctor. The tips for panic attacks in this article can help you alleviate your panic symptoms, but they may not work if your condition is more severe. It is important to always get the professional help you need.

Copyright (c) 2008 Sandy Adamson.

Forget about listening to loads of CDs or doing the deep breathing exercise. Check out our site for a unique, easy and safe method for treating your anxiety attack symptoms. You may also like to check out this related article about how to stop anxiety attacks naturally.

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