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Diabetes Take control with physical activity

Exercise is an integral part of life for everyone. This becomes especially true in the case of a person with diabetes, in which case it is part of the treatment of diabetes as well. For a diabetic exercise should be a daily routine. Daily exercise would help a diabetic person to have good blood sugar control in addition to making him or her physically fit. Daily exercise also would make a diabetic person less susceptible for a heart attack and nerve damage from diabetes. Exercise improves blood sugar control Exercise provides great benefits to diabetics and it plays an excellent role in controlling the blood sugar.

A properly designed exercise schedule in combination with a healthy diet is the recipe for success for a person with diabetes. When you do physical activity your muscles take up the glucose from the blood circulation and use it for the muscular activity thus maintaining a normal blood glucose level. Exercise also increases the tissue sensitivity to insulin making the effect of insulin more effective thus further helping to reduce the blood glucose level. Exercise reduces weight Exercise is also helps people with diabetes to reduce weight. Weight gain is closely associated with type-2 diabetes. Exercise decreases the fat stores and thus decreases the extra demand that is put on the already compromised beta cells.

Exercise decreases the need for diabetic medication Exercise reduces insulin resistance of the tissues and makes body tissue more responsive to the action of insulin. If you have only mild diabetes, a combination of exercise and dietary control may be the only form of intervention needed for your diabetes control. Even in persons who have more severe degree of diabetes exercise would decrease the need for diabetic medication because of decreased insulin resistance. Exercise improves circulation Most of the complications that are associated with diabetes are related to impairment of circulation that is caused by diabetes.

This is especially true for those who develop diabetic foot as a complication of diabetes. Exercise improves circulation especially to arms and legs and thus may prevent development of diabetes related complications. Exercise improves cholesterol level Heart attack (myocardial infarction) is one of the major causes of death in people with diabetes. Exercise would increase the good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) and lower the bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). Exercise also reduces the triglyceride levels. By improving the cholesterol values exercise provide increase protection from heart attack diabetic patients.

Exercise lowers blood pressure Diabetic patients are highly prone to complications of high blood pressure. Regular exercise would lower blood pressure and thus may protect diabetic patients from hypertension (high blood pressure) and its complications. It is clear from the above discussion that exercise is a very crucial component in the life of a person with diabetes. Regular exercise, in combination with a healthy diabetic meal would prove to be of significant benefit for a people with diabetes.

Author of this article is a freelance health information writer. Author contributes articles to various websites including Diabetes watch blog and Medicineworld. You may read more about type-2 diabetes at this webpage.

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