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Detecting Stroke with Potential Symptoms

Yes, you have all reasons to be worried if you get a stroke attack. It may have very serious consequences. A proper and timely medical attention will let you survive and lead a normal life again.

Most people are unable to realize that they had a stroke because they don't know about it. Yes, most people across the globe do not have the slightest idea of symptoms that indicates the attack of a deadly stroke. It is extremely important to learn the symptoms of stroke in order to reach for medical attention as soon as possible. Learning about these symptoms will help you save your as well as someone else's life. Here are certain symptoms related to a stroke: 1) Symptom one The first and most common symptom is difficulty in speaking. The speech goes slurred and one finds it extremely difficult to speak.

In case, you want to ask a question, make sure that you get answers either in a 'yes' or 'no'. 2) Symptom two Having a crooked mouth is another symptom of having a stroke. Here, either the right or left side of the bottom lip may be drooped down. You need to ask the person to smile. Remember that the person will have a hard time to smile.

This way it will be easier for you to see whether he or she is having a crooked mouth. 3) Symptom three When attacked by a stroke, there is weakness or numbness in one side of the body in a leg, hand or arm. The person will find it difficult to walk. He or she will either walk slow or walk with a limp. One may also drag his right leg while walking. 4) Symptom four The patient will have trouble in seeing with one or both eyes.

5) Symptom five During a stroke, one may experience severe headache. Whenever, there is a headache without any cause, you should get alarmed. 6) Symptom Six Some people may experience nausea, vomit or sleepiness during an attack of a stroke. Stroke can be deadly. Hence, it is important to learn the signs and symptoms.

Once you see any signs of stroke, make sure that you rush for medical help immediately. A stroke usually occurs when the arteries supplying blood to the brain become clogged or rupture. This results in the particular area of the brain to die. Overindulgence of smoking, drinking, poor eating habits and high blood pressure may also result in a stroke.

You should evaluate the person for any sudden weakness or numbness in the body. As mentioned earlier, the numbness or weakness occurs on one side of the body such as the face, arms, and legs. You may also evaluate the person for sudden severe headache on one side of the head.

The person may also find it too hard to speak or have a slurred speech, walk with difficulty or even limp. Trouble in thinking is another sign of a stroke attack. The key to survival here is proper attention. If medical attention is given on proper time, one can survive the attack. Hence, you need to call the doctor or emergency help as soon as possible.

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