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Hair Loss and Hair Transplants

Suffering from hair loss? Having a quality hair transplant can radically change your image. Learn about hair loss treatment options, hair loss resources, and general questions you have get answered about hair loss and treatment.

Losing hair is very traumatic for both men and women. While some people are able to stop their hair loss with drugs like Rogaine and Propecia, other people have no success and eventually go bald.

Hair Transplant surgery or surgical hair restoration can offer a permanent hair loss solution. During a hair transplant hair follicles that are immune to the effects of DHT are moved from the back of the head to the balding areas.

Today's follicular unit hair transplant procedures can look completely natural and some newer techniques like FUE even offer patients a minimally invasive way to restore their hair, one follicle at a time.

Not a good hair transplant candidate
1st Procedure
Incl Crown
800-1000 -
2nd Procedure   Incl Crown
900-1500 -
1st Procedure
Incl Crown
1100-1400 1500-1800
2nd Procedure   Incl Crown
1200-2000 1700-3000
1st Procedure
Incl Crown
1500-1800 1900-2400
2nd Procedure   Incl Crown
1700-3000 2100-4000
1st Procedure
Incl Crown
2000-2400 2400
2nd Procedure   Incl Crown
2200-4600 3000-5600
1st Procedure
Incl Crown
2000-2400 -
2nd Procedure   Incl Crown
2200-4800 4000-6600

How many grafts will you need?

One of the most frequent questions asked by potential hair transplant patients is: "How many grafts will I need?" The answer should:

  • Take realistic expectations into consideration.
  • Reflect the patient's degree of hair loss, donor supply, and hair characteristics.
  • Be consistent with a long-term Master Plan to address future hair loss.
  • Address the number of potential procedures and time commitment required.
  • Consider the short and total long-term cost for the patient.

An individual's goals must be realistic. For example, if a person has significant balding (i.e., a Norwood Class 6 or 7 pattern) and fine hair, then he should not expect a full head of transplanted hair. If he does, dissatisfaction will be inevitable. With at least 65-75% of hair lost (the typical loss in Class 6 and 7 patients), a thin head of hair is a realistic and achievable goal. Although a thin head of hair can dramatically improve patient's appearance, if he were to attempt to achieve his original density, he would run out of donor hair before the process could be completed and an unnatural appearance would result.

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